Dogs are the Best Fur Kids

Especially my doggo, Olexia ("Lexi")

Pictures of Lexi

Lexi and I met like most great loves today, online! 🀣 I first saw her adorable picture on pet finder. I was looking for a best buddy and sweet little baby. Adoption was the only option, of course, because it's the best option!

When I went to meet her, it was love at first sight! 😍🐢 I went to the car to take a call, and when I returned she jumped up on the fence wagging her tail and gave me a look of, "Let's get outta here, Mum!"
πŸ’œ She was mine! πŸ’œ

For the last nine years she has been my baby and my best friend. It's us against the world! We've shared laughs, food (that little beggar), walks, drives, adventures, naps and everything in between. It continues to be a beautiful friendship every day.

Find out how you can adopt your
best friend below! 🐢😺

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🀫 Don't tell Lexi she's adopted!

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